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Kendricks EP

    "The Soundtrack" is Kendrick's latest project. In it he displays the kind of top notch song writing, vocal ability, production, and (to put it quite simply) an undeniable soul-tie to music that will leave you breathlessly wanting more of his genius with every listen!

THE NEW Single

    "The Slave King" is what a man becomes when he's un-apologetically overtaken by his Queen. "Use me baby. Take of me what you want". It's moody, and in your face, with powerful lyrics and emotional guitar.


Being personally invited by the legendary Don Was himself to perform "My Girl" with him at the "Don Was All Star Review was amazing! Crazy respect to Don and the Temps! -KH

An interview on WXYZ with an original song called "From Here" 

A PBS segment on one of Kendrick's Bands 'The Infatuations"