Feels So Good

Verse 1
Let me talk to you
Let me ease your mind
And do all of the things your man won't do tonight
Whatever you want i promise i won’t judge you
Your freaky little secret’s not to freaky for me

Lay in my bed

everything that you said
On the telephone we’ll see now
Aint no need to hurry
Cause ive waited all day

baby wont you lay down
And this just feels so good
To me
To me
And you just feel so damn good
To me
To me

Verse 2
I've been thinking baby for some time
We’ve been together for a little while
And i'm ready
To do what you’ve asked of me
And as we stare each other up and down
Rooms so electric i can feel in now
Don't keep me waiting
To long

Chorus 2x

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